Remember all those times you saw a sign that said NO GLASS ALLOWED? Because I do. Think about it, you and your friends are packed into the car ready for your day: music is going, cooler is packed with food and all your favorite beers, you arrive and BAM. NO GLASS ALLOWED. Whether you’re going camping, golfing, to the beach, the pool, or in this town…the boat…beer in cans is your easy solution to NO GLASS ALLOWED. And for more reasons than you think.

Now, beer has been around for a long time and canned beer is somewhat of a newcomer in comparison, so some may be skeptic of the can versus the bottle. But you shouldn’t be, and I’ll tell you a few reasons why.

First off, some may think that the beer in a can will taste like the can, but rest assured it does not. There’s a lining in every can between it and the beer that prevents any taste of aluminum getting into the beer, and it’s safe. Just think of it like drinking from your own mini keg!

Second being that all beer in a can must be cheap and tasteless. If you’re a hoppy-style IPA person, then yes, that could have been the case years and years ago. Fast -forward to today and high-end craft breweries are putting out their original and new beers in cans. Your favorite brew is just as flavorful inside the can as it is inside the bottle.

Cans are literally better for the environment, too. They use less energy to produce, to transport and to chill and are easier to recycle and are recycled more often than glass. So now you can drink good beer and feel good about it (like you needed another excuse).

And lastly but most importantly, when it comes to beer cans keep the beer colder. They get cold quicker and leave little room for sunlight to get in which changes the temperature pretty fast!

So whether you like the new craft beer cans or the original Pabst, you’re good to go. Proceed to your destination, throw on your favorite koozie, and enjoy.