We sure do try a lot of wine over the course of the year, but here are our favorites for 2017!

George’s Pick
Chateau Fonreaud, Bordeaux Blanc
Sauvignon Blanc, Semillon, Muscadelle
You might think that it would be hard for me to pick just one wine considering I taste hundreds of wines over the course of the year. It was actually pretty easy for me this year. Chateau Fonreaud Bordeaux Blanc totally blew me away.
Created in the early 20th century, Chateau Fonreaud had already produced famous dry white wines. The property was destroyed in 1950 from a climate disaster and the family only restarted the estate in 1988 and I am so glad that they did!
From a small portion of their vineyard, a beautiful blend of grapes from thirty old vines are delicately wood aged to give a ripe fruity wine that is simply beautiful. Stunning aromas of green lemon with a touch of vanilla while the palate is fresh and full of citrus with perfect balance and a lengthy finish. Truly a brilliant wine.
P.S. A perfect match with seafood.
Dougy’s Pick
Rosso di Montalcino, Colombini

I was lucky enough to grow up in a house with a very strong, independent mother (who I now get to work side-by-side with daily) and a mother who showed me that women can do anything just as well (if not better!) than men. I think that is one of the reasons why I love this wine so much. Donatella Cinelli Colombini is the first Italian winery to have an all female staff. In a male-dominated industry, Colombini is making quite the statement.
Their property name, Casato Prime Donne, actually translates to ‘the little house that hosts the best women.’ May as well include best wine, too. Colombini produces some of the best Brunello and Montalcino coming out of Italy. Their Rosso di Montalcino is a dark ruby color with hints of small red fruits that harmoniously work together and create a stunning symphony.
Fun fact: We were lucky enough to host Donatella’s daughter, Violante, back in October for an incredible tasting. Violante’s world-class wines have solidified her as a force in the field and I know that I am very honored to have her wines in our store and to have her wine as my choice for wine of the year.

Kevin’s Pick
Rasteau, Coteaux des Travers
Grenache, Syrah

I was really looking for my wine of the year to hit two marks: provide a good value and pair well with the rich, heavy foods of the holiday. Enter Domaine Coteaux des Travers. Plus the fact that it is from the Southern Rhone (one of my favorite wine areas) made this almost too easy!
First, the value aspect. The Rhone region (especially Southern Rhone) is known for producing stellar wines at remarkable prices. I would easily pay $10-$15 more for this wine and still be very happy. And for my other credential, Rasteau hits it out of the park. The silky, elegant mouthfeel bursts with flavors of rich, ripe and full blackberry fruits and plums and even a hint of chocolate. It finishes with soft tannins and great length. Think roasts, short ribs, lamb or steak for this one…and save me a plate and a glass!

Carol’s Pick
Domaine Deux Roche Bourgogne Blanc

When George brought home a bottle of Chardonnay for our Thanksgiving meal last month, I said, “Shubie! Chardonnay?! What’s wrong with you? You know I don’t like Chardonnay.”

Well here is a prime example of why he’s one of the best wine guys around. Deux Roche Bourgogne Blanc is not your typical Chardonnay. Aromas of green apples, citrus and is supported by floral and mineral notes, and balanced with a mineral finish. It is truly an elegant and beautiful wine with finesse…no wonder he brought it home…must have reminded him of me!

Kate’s Pick
Cabernet Sauvignon 

I’m typically all about the bubbles when it comes to wine. So you can imagine George’s surprise when I told him that I wanted to go with this California Cab. To be honest, I even surprised myself!
Adaptation is the brain child of the partners behind Plumpjack and CADE. Their newest venture doesn’t stray from their old standards–wines with power and grace. This Cab redefines approachability–a fusion of fruit flavors that include wild blackberries, sweet cherries and cocoa invade your senses. An exuberant mouthfeel with a fresh and lengthy finish, too. A perfectly special wine to enjoy during the holidays with all your loved ones.