A Blast from the Past
When BZ called me two weeks ago to see if I was around Thursday morning to meet with Lia Banville I of course said “YES!”

Some of you may remember Lia’s two epic tastings from “BZ Brings the Stars” Part One and Two. To this day we still talk about how incredible both of those tastings were. And, to this day, we still love Lia and her wines more and more. 
We were one of Lia’s last stops last week before she made her way back home to Canada. BZ, Lia, Dougy and I went upstairs for a little tasting of 7 wines from Lia’s impressive portfolio. I’ve tasted these wines many times over the years, but I always love revisiting them, especially when there’s a special guest like Lia to go over the wines in depth. But as I tasted each wine, I realized that I’ve been selling these wines regularly for over eight years now and it’s so fascinating for me to be able to see how the same wine changes with each year and each vintage. It’s almost like seeing your kid grow up! It’s truly remarkable to see the wines evolve. And it’s even more remarkable that Lia’s wines–wines that are already world-class–just keep getting better with each vintage. I’m not sure how Lia’s winemakers keep doing it!

But, wait! There’s More!

Lia’s timing was also perfect because we have the honor of hosting one of her winemakers, Violante of Colombini, for a spectacular tasting at Shubie’s for all of you on Friday, October 27 from 4p-7p. Violante and her vintner team consisting of only women (quite unique in Italy) produce some of the finest Montalcino and Brunello coming out of Italy. Her wines are also undergoing organic certification. But what truly sets Violante and her wines apart is their elegance: red harmonies that are able to last throughout time. We hope that you can join us for a truly special night.

$15.99/btl w/ 12 btw purchase during October ($19.99/btl reg)
This wine is a rock star of a wine. Both Dougy and I were blown away with the rich color and body, the incredible aromatics, taste and longevity. Such quality for the price! Remo Farina was even named Best Italian Producer of the Year in 2015 and I totally believe it. Ripasso is a distinctive style of wine from Valpolicella in Veneto that is often referred to as the poor man’s Amazon. I don’t care what they call it because this wine has personality! This will definitely become one of my go-to wines for the upcoming holiday season. It’s a guaranteed winner!

$23.99/btl w/ 12 btl purchase during October ($29.99/btl reg)

Of course we have to highlight our guest of honor! As we mentioned, the winery itself, Donatella Cinelli Colombini, is the first Italian winery to have an all female staff, aiming at being a flagship for the new role of women in the wine world. Their property name, Casato Prime Donne, actually translates to ‘the little house that hosts the best women.’ May as well include best wine, too. The dark ruby red color has hints of small red fruits that harmoniously work together and create a stunning symphony. Pick up a bottle now, but make sure to stop by  on the 27th and meet a force in the field–Violante.