Our Team

Our team is the heart of our store. We feel incredibly fortunate to work with some of the most talented, the most caring, the most loyal and the funniest people we know. Our team will go above and beyond for you because they genuinely want you to have the best experience possible. It’s a pretty simple idea: treat others the way you would want to be treated. We hope you love our team as much as we do.

GEORGEMarblehead’s Own Wine Spectator
Need an anti-chardonnay? Want a perfect summertime red? Planning a party? Look no further! George has traveled to France, Spain, Italy and beyond and brings his knowledge back to us each time. He’s also been your secret weapon for every dinner party for the last forty years.

Favorite homemade meal: steak and potatoes (George’s wine palate is much more sophisticated than his food palate!)

CAROLThe Heart
When Carol isn’t singing or dancing around the store proclaiming her latest addiction, she’s searching near and far for the next big hit. For the last twenty years Carol has made it her mission to find the best foods and gifts and bring them back to you. Nobody does it better than Carol!

Favorite homemade meal: her mom’s stuffed cabbage

DOUGYThe Cheese-Whiz Kid
A family affair! Dougy practically grew up behind the counter at Shubie’s. This quintessential foodie certainly loves food, which is only rivaled by his love for helping you discover all of your favorites at Shubie’s! How does he know so much about cheese? Carol likes to take credit for that one. Tequila on the other hand? Dougy stuck to self-education…just like George!

Favorite homemade meal: Carol’s marshmallow brownies (that counts as a meal, right?)

After owning one of the North Shore’s most beloved restaurants, The Grapevine of Salem, for twenty-four years, Chef Kate Hammond joined the Shubie’s team in 2014. And we couldn’t be happier. Chef Kate’s experience and food can only really be rivaled by her willingness to please you. It’s why George calls her “Kate the Great!”

Favorite homemade meal: PASTA!

KEVINWine Guy/70s Music Expert
Kevin’s knowledge of 70’s music is quite impressive, but his knowledge of wine and beer doesn’t even give the 70’s a chance on the dance floor!

Favorite homemade meal: curried chicken and rice

JANICEThe Veteran
Janice has been with Carol almost since the beginning…14 years. Janice is Carol’s favorite “vintage” and catering expert extraordinaire.

Favorite homemade meal: shrimp scampi

DEBBIEThe Decider
Debbie has gone to every Fancy Food Show and every New York Gift Show with Carol for the last twenty years. If Debbie doesn’t like it, we don’t even consider it!
TAMMYThe Ambassador
When Tammy isn’t at her post greeting all of you, you can find her skateboarding around town or hitting the waves on her surfboard at Devereux. She’s also slightly obsessed with coffee. She was even the first Ambassador for Mojo’s Cold Brewed Coffee!

Happy Customers Say:

You are indeed one of the great things about Marblehead.
Rosalia M.
The best people. The best food. The best vibe. It’s my second home…only without the bed.
Lisa S.
Who doesn’t Love Shubie’s! Fresh made food. Specialty foods and samples. The wine. Have to have wine! The staff is always super friendly! Always a treat to shop there.
Roberta L.