snarky wines logoWe are very excited about our upcoming tasty with BZ this Saturday, April 2 from 1p-5p. He is even bringing us a new friend for all of us to meet: Anne Hay of Snarky and Spirited Wines. Anne is a wine rock star in the making!

In a male-dominated industry, Anne is taking the reigns and, as she says, “giving the business a kick in the pants we feel necessary.” Gotta love that!anne hay snarky wines
After 14 years in the wine business, Anne sold everything she owned, got a loan from a couple of friends, and started her business importing wines from some of her favorite places around the world. Needless to say, her portfolio is stellar.

We asked Anne for a little information about the wineries she is highlighting for our tasting. Here is what she had to say…

Gigi Valle was one of the first oenologists in Friuli, graduating in 1949. Over the years, he began acquiring prime vineyards in the Colli Orientali, became friends with Pavarotti, sailed with Ernest Hemingway, developed the first sterilized bottling line in the region and then proceeded to win over 400 gold medals internationally. Now in the hands of his son Paolo, the Valle family has continued innovating the wines of the Colli Orientali and elevating the status of the region.

What we’ll taste Saturday: Friulano, Pinot Grigio, Sauvignon Blanc and Refosco

valle winery

Valle Winery, Italy

A wonderful family makes these Tuscan reds from the hills of Montalbano. The Podere Volpaio estate has been making wine here since 1890 and when harvest time comes, every member of the Angiolo family pitches in. The family focuses on the traditional grapes of Chianti, when many have abandoned them for adding French varietals in the mix. Their dedication to the land isn’t just something they say, but show from vigilant and strict organic farming. They’ve  become entrenched in several biological and vegan organization with aims to be the most careful with the terroir their family oversees.

What we’ll taste Saturday: Rosso and Chianti

Domini de la Cartoixa is the combination of two families, Dalmau and Perez, that have sought to produce a Priorat with backbone, acidity that is balanced with well-structured fruit. March Dalmau is the world-renowned woman, who along with her husband, Miguel Perez, owns and runs this beautiful property in northern Spain. They are dedicated to organic farming practices as well as sustainable winemaking. Packaging is from recycled materials and rainwater is collected and re-used to further their commitment. Utilizing Cabernet Sauvignon, Cariñena and Garnacha, each varietal is fermented separately before blending and ageing. Like a masterful dish, the final result shows everything in beautiful perfection.

What we’ll taste Saturday: Crossos

valencia winery

Winery in Valencia, Spain

The Laso Galbis family has been making wine for decades around Valencia. In 2006, they remade the winery to utilize gravity flow and more careful and gentle pressing practices. The organic wine production is the family’s further commitment to their land. Their focus in addition to organic production, is towards native Mediterranean grapes. The Falcata Casa Gran is a blend of Garnacha, Mourvedre and Syrah, giving a wine that is both powerful and elegant. Falcata is the name of a sword unique to the region that was made individually for each warrior to fit the length of his arm. Like the sword, the wine has power but fits the wine-drinker’s palate.

What we’ll taste Saturday: Falcata

Poggio Borgoni
I met the Salvini while traveling through Italy. In contrast to the Volpaio family, the Borgoni has reimagined their winery in a more modern fashion. Paolo is the owner, his wife designs the labels and his son is the winemaker. Giacomo Tachis, from Sassichia and Tignanello, helped this family replant and make their wines for the first decade before they sent Francesco to school in enology. The estate is small, with only a few hundred cases available to the world, but is truly a gem.

What we’ll taste Saturday: Rosso, Chianti Classico and Chianti Classico Riserva

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