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Imagine the Difference with Shubie’s Catering.

A picnic for six. Perhaps an elegant evening for twenty at home. Whatever the occasion may be, let Shubie’s help create the perfect culinary combination for any occasion. Savory, succulent entrees, beautifully garnished platters, irresistible crostinis and so much more, our food looks as incredible as it tastes.

Call and speak with Janice to place your catering order!

There is a 2 dozen minimum for each item, orders are taken in 1 dozen increments.

  • mini edamame burgers with lemon mayo  $28/DZ
  • mini new england style crab cakes with jalapeño sauce  $38/DZ
  • shrimp cocktail with housemade cocktail sauce  MARKET PRICE
  • stuffed mushrooms
    -with mushrooms and spinach  $24/DZ
    with mushrooms and crab  $30/DZ
    with mushrooms and prosciutto  $30/DZ
  • little meatballs
    -japanese yakitori style chicken meatballs with shiitake mushrooms and toasted
    sesame seeds with yakitori dipping sauce  $24/DZ
    -beef/pork meatballs with homemade tomato sauce  $24/DZ
  • scallops wrapped in bacon MARKET PRICE
  • figs stuffed with blue cheese and wrapped in prosciutto (seasonal)  $19/DZ


  • four cheese puff pastry bites $20/dz
  • mini empanadas
    -cheddar and poblano $20/DZ
    -cheddar and steak $24/dz
  • asparagus wrapped in prosciutto $21/dz

FOCACCIA (12″ x 17″ pan)

  • parmesan/tomato $30
  • spinach/olive/feta $40
  • fig spread/blue cheese $40


  • grilled thai chicken $28/DZ
  • grilled korean bbq shrimp $40/DZ
  • grilled korean beef brushed with honey tamarind sauce $36/DZ
  • tomato / basil / fresh mozzarella brushed with evoo and sea salt $21/DZ
  • grilled vegetable/evoo/fresh herbs $24/dz


  • smokey eggplant / feta $24/DZ
  • blistered tomato / fresh mozzarella / basil $24/DZ
  • goat cheese / sautéed leeks / thyme $24/DZ
  • prosciutto / shaved parmigiano / truffle oil $28/DZ
  • ricotta/dried fruit compote $28/dz

(small serves 8-12 / large serves 12-20)

CHEESE PLATTER    small $75  /  large  $110

a selection of our finest imported, domestic and local cheeses beautifully garnished. served with crackers.

ANTIPASTI PLATTER    small $95  /  large $125

genoa salami, hard italian cheese, fresh mozzarella, roasted peppers, marinated artichokes, roasted red tomatoes, olives and haricot verts

MEDITERRANEAN PLATTER     small $95  /  large $125

stuffed grape leaves, house made hummus, barrel-aged greek feta, roasted peppers, olives, peppadews and cucumbers

CRUDITE PLATTER     small $55  /  large $75

seasonal arrangement of asparagus, cucumber, haricot verts, cherry tomatoes served with our housemade artichoke/parmesan dip

CHARCUTERIE PLATTER     small $100  /  large $130

a selection of our finest salumi, prosciutto and our other cured meats plus paté, served with olives, cornichons and mustard

FRESH FRUIT PLATTER (SEASONAL)     small $75  /  large $95

watermelon, cantaloupe, strawberries and other seasonal fruit with honeyed yogurt

ARTISAN SANDWICHES (served with chips and pickles)

SANDWICH PLATTER     $12 per person

a selection of our premium, made-to-order sandwiches

WRAPPY PLATTER     $6 per person

hand-crafted wraps perfect for any occasion


  • wilted baby spinach w/ toasted pinenuts / sautéed garlic / parmesan / evoo $13/LB
  • field greens w/ goat cheese / cranberries / toasted pecans $13/LB
  • tri-colore: arugula / radicchio / endive / shaved parmigiano / lemon vinaigrette $17/LB
  • nicoise: haricot verts / boiled potatoes / black olives / capers / tomatoes / imported italian tuna $16/LB
  • greek: romaine / black olives / roasted tomatoes / cucumbers / peppers / feta / feta vinaigrette $15/LB
  • marinated kale / chickpea / sautéed leek / feta $14/LB
  • garden salad/seasonal vegetables/balsamic vinaigrette $13/lb
  • couscous salad/fresh orange/mint $15/lb
  • cool asian noodles/asian vinaigrette/pea shoots/carrots/cilantro $11/lb
  • dan dan noodles/peanut sauce/ginger/soy/jalapeno $13/lb


  • crispy lemon chicken tenders with lemon mayo  $16/LB
  • chicken marsala with sautéed mushrooms and marsala wine  $19/LB
  • chicken picatta $18/LB
  • grilled all-natural chicken breast with herb oil  $16/LB


  • poached salmon (whole) filet brushed with tomato oil  $23/LB
  • roasted salmon / herb lemon sauce $23/lb
  • pepper crusted seared tuna / soy-wasabi dipping sauce $33/lb
  • shrimp scampi, sautéed garlic, lemon and capers MARKET PRICE


  • grilled flank steak  $20/LB
  • pan seared beef tenderloin rubbed with herbs and cabernet reduction MARKET PRICE


  • lentil loaf, baked with mushrooms and cheeses  $60 / HALF TRAY
  • stuffed red peppers / corn / quinoa / feta (vegan available) $14/LB
  • classic eggplant parmigiano  $13/LB
  • roasted Idaho potatoes with rosemary and EVOO $9/LB
  • patatas bravas w/ sriracha mayo $9/LB
  • roasted sweet potatoes w/ fresh thyme $9/LB
  • roasted curry cauliflower w/ infused curry oil $15/LB
  • roasted seasonal vegetables $15/LB
  • asparagus, evoo, sea salt $14/LB
  • haricot verts w/ red onion, roasted garlic $15/LB
  • roasted beets, thickly sliced w/ citrus vinaigrette $13/LB
  • mashed potatoes $10/LB
  • broccoli rabe / crushed pepper / roasted garlic $11/LB


  • macaroni and cheese: penne/creamy cheese sauce/cheddar/fontina/parmigino/topped with crunchy bread crumbs $60/TRAY (serves 12)
  • chicken, broccoli and penne: sauteed chicken breast/broccoli/light lemon sauce $70/TRAY (serves 12)
  • spinach ricotta ravioli/tomato cream sauce $65/TRAY (serves 12)
  • rigatoni/crispy eggplant/black olives/capers/tomatoes/topped with ricotta salata $60/TRAY (serves 12)
  • farfalle/sweet peas/parmesan/herb oil $13/lb


  • tomato and cheese with fresh pasta, ricotta, mozzarella, parmigiano, tomato sauce $65/TRAY (serves 12)
  • mushroom: fresh pasta/four mushrooms/three cheeses $75/TRAY (serves 12)
  • bolognese with fresh pasta, béchamel bolognese sauce, mozzarella, parmigiano $75/TRAY (serves 12)


  • roasted vegetable quiche with squash, red and yellow pepper, zucchini, red onion, roasted tomatoes     $16 (serves 6-8)
  • old country smoked ham quiche w/ caramelized onions, spinach, gruyere cheese     $18 (serves 6-8)



​-Deluxe Pastry Platter: a selection of mini pastries, Delphin’s macarons, mini cupcakes, cannoli and gluten-free chocolate brownie bites, $7 per person

​-Cookies and bars platter $5 per person

​-We also offer customized cookies and cakes…just ask!

  • please provide a minimum of 48 hours notice on all orders. we may regretfully be unable to accept orders if the kitchen is at full capacity even with a 48 hours notice.
  • catering orders available for pick up after 11 am.
  • limited catering menu available on Sunday; store opens at noon.
  • 24 hour notice on all cancellations without penalty; after 24 hours there will be a 50% surcharge.
  • prices may change without notice due to market conditions.
  • please inform us of any food allergies. we will try our best to accommodate your needs, but we kindly request no menu substitutions.
  • plating/garnish fee of $5-$10 per dish, if applicable.
  • delivery service available. free delivery Marblehead and Swampscott. please inquire for estimate for outside of our delivery zone.
  • ask about our beverage catering services.

Ok, so maybe you’re an expert in the kitchen, but do you feel a little out of your element when it comes to the bar? Look No Further! Shubie’s Beverage Consultation is just what you need for your next event. 

Whether your next party is small or large, at home or a business, we are happy to assist you. Here’s what you’ll get:

  • our finest selection of wines, craft beers, spirits and non-alcoholic beverages
    special quantity discounts
  • consultation on selection and amounts at no charge
  • delivery service available. free local delivery to Marblehead and Swampscott (we are happy to go outside our delivery zone for a small fee)
  • we will even take back unopened bottles of wine and spirits and full packs of beer (some restrictions apply)

Just ask for George!