Bringing Paris to Marblehead

Delphin Gomes, New England’s only Master Pastry Chef, brings his world-famous French pastries back to Marblehead exclusively available at Shubie’s.

Who’s Delphin? We’re glad you asked. Delphin Gomes opened Delphin’s Gourmandise Fine French Patisserie back in 1987 and changed the pastry scene of the North Shore forever. Flaky and buttery croissants…Elephant Ears…macarons…Mogador and more…who needed to travel to Paris?

Delphin closed his doors in 2002 to bring his skills to the classrooms of the Cambridge Culinary School, where he currently is the Director of Pastry. But Delphin was missing something. You. So every week, Delphin bakes upstairs at Shubie’s and brings back his biggest hits. Come explore and take a bite.

The Menu

(please call to confirm availability or for special orders)

Chocolate genoise soaked in raspberry syrup with a layer of raspberry jam, chocolate mousse and topped with raspberry glacé.

Two layers of white genoise cake soaked in lemon syrup with lemon buttercream, a layer of lemon mousse and topped with lemon glacé.

Opera Cake
Three layers of almond cake with espresso cream topped with chocolate ganache.

Pear Tart
A buttery crust filled with almond cream, pears and finished with a glaze.

Lemon Tart
A buttery crust filled with bright lemon curd and topped with perfectly torched meringue.

Sour Cherry Tart
A buttery crust with sour cherries and a brown butter filling.

La Peche
Peach-soaked brioche filled with fresh pastry cream and chunks of peaches. Read what The Boston Globe has to say about La Peche.

A rotating menu of styles depending on the season. A French classic.