Just Rewards

Our Just Rewards is easy—all you have to do is shop! For every dollar that you spend at Shubie’s, we’ll give you a point*. Once you reach 250 points, we’ll give you a $10 credit.
Here comes the fun part! You can use your credits when­ever you want and how­ever you want! You can use your credits on the spot or save them! Don’t have your wallet for a sand­wich at lunch? Use your credits! Eyeing that bottle Bordeaux? Use your credits!
*Unfortunately we cannot reward you for drinking (MA state law), catering orders, or tobacco products.


Is parking easy when I visit Shubie’s?
Is it ever! We have a nice big parking lot reserved just for you! If that’s full, there is usu­ally plenty of parking on Atlantic Avenue.


When are you open?
You can visit us Monday-Saturday 9a-8p and Sunday 12p-5p. And we’re open on most hol­i­days, too (and, yes, you can buy booze!)…but call us just to double check at 781–631-0149.

Party Planning

I have a party for 25 of my friends, can you help me decide how much alcohol I need?
We love helping you plan your party! Whether it is for a romantic evening at home for two or a party for 250, we’ll make sure you have every party essen­tial. Also, don’t forget to check out our Cocktail Planning and Cheese Pairing Guides!


Can you pro­vide wait­staff and rentals for my party?
We do not have a sep­a­rate wait­staff for par­ties or rentals, but work closely with local and expe­ri­enced com­pa­nies and will be happy to assist you when placing your catering order.


Do you deliver?
Yes! We think it’s our best kept secret, too. We offer delivery to Marblehaed and Swamspcott (for a small fee) Monday-Saturday from 11a-4p.

Do you deliver out­side your delivery zone?
All the time, but we just need a little notice.