Whenever a winemaker comes to visit the store, I always like to do a little research. Lisa Anselmi, daughter of Roberto Anselmi and heir to the Anselmi estate, is visiting us this Saturday, May 7 for a special tasting of her family’s world-class white wines. Upon further investigation, I discovered that her family hasn’t always had this stellar reputation.lisa and roberto anselmi
lisa anselmi
Back in the 70’s, Soave was made in bulk, consumed in bulk and didn’t have much character at all, if any. Soave had made Marino Anselmi, Roberto’s father and Lisa’s grandfather, very rich. Roberto would travel to Alsace, Australia, California and taste spectacular wines and as he says, “And I see that my wine is shit. I want to come home and change.” So he did.

He made a big change. Roberto smashed up some desks, fired the five other employees and his father quit in disgust of his son’s behavior (mom and dad–don’t worry, I won’t do this). Roberto got his wish! It wasn’t that soon after that Roberto, and the Anselmi family, became the standard-bearer for Soave Classico. But still, Roberto wanted more.

So in in 2000, Roberto was so frustrated by the low quality and general lack of ambition in the Soave region that he chose to leave the Soave DOC and label his wines as IGT Veneto. “Probably the best property in Soave is my property,” he says, “but I don’t like bureaucratic logic in my life. No one is focused on the real quality.”
anselmi winery
Roberto has finally built the business of his dreams and produces 750,000 bottles a year–only 5% of what his father used to produce–but the quality can’t compete. Even Roberto’s father now appreciates what his son has done for the family.

And I bet you thought there was no drama in wine! Well, please help us welcome Lisa Anselmi (heir to her family’s wines and stories) to Shubie’s this Saturday from 1p-4p. We promise she won’t smash any desks…she’ll just pour great wines.

Here’s a little preview of what you’ll taste:

San Vincenzo: the dry and golden yellow colored white showcases a complex nose releasing spicy, floral, fruity and mineral scents. You’ll be charmed with this medium-bodied wine reveling a slender texture and a medium finish.

Capitel Foscarino: vibrant aromas of tropical fruit, citrus and honey with a meidum-to-full-body and flavors of fresh apples, peach and lime. A perfect match with shellfish, risotto, grilled veggies and creamy cheeses.

Capitel Croce: brilliant gold with a bright amber hue, this fruit-forward, complex wine goes well with veal, pork, goat cheese and spicy dishes.

I Capitelli: a stunning dessert wine. Rich, deep, gold color with mouth-filling ripe fruit flavors and lingering notes of honey and maple.