shubie's storefront
Shubie’s Opens its Doors
First Move to 32 Atlantic
Start Carrying Specialty Foods
Move to Our New Home!

A Tasty Journey


Our original store, founded by Bill Shube in 1948, was no bigger than a bowling alley and was one of the first stores in the area to stock fine wines from around the world. Bill only wanted the best. We still feel the same.


In 1976, George Shube took over the family business and made our first of three moves in 1985 to 32 Atlantic Avenue (just up the street from our first location). George was fascinated about wine and wine making—self-education himself and taking an occasional course—but he loved sharing his enthusiasm with others. He even offered wine tastings around his dining room table at his home! Ten years after the first move (1995) George’s wife, Carol, started to bring in some specialty foods like olive oils, vinegars, jams and salsas. George was a little hesitant, but said ok and told Carol, “Just no perishables.” Good thing Carol didn’t listen to George!

George and Carol expanded the store and introduced prepared foods, more specialty foods, imported cheeses, baked good, funky gifts and more. They were on to something.


We finally made our last move in the winter of 2005 where we moved into our current 10,000 square-foot home. Our once tiny little wine and spirit store now offers much more: cheeses, craft beer, specialty goods, freshly made prepared foods, hand-crafted sandwiches and salads, a bakery, gifts, cooking classes, custom-made gift baskets and more. But it’s even more than that to us. It really is our home and we love sharing it with you. Seeing you at the Shubie’s is the best part of our day. It’s true! It’s so true in fact that we even have a big sign that says that in our store!

We want you to love what you bring home as much as we do. We want you to have a great Shubie’s experience—food and wine that makes you happy, service that makes you smile, passionate people in a warm and welcoming environment—that’s what it’s all about. We know that you don’t get to be in business for over sixty-five years just because of what you offer. We care so much about our community because our community cares so much about us. And that is why our home is in Marblehead: because community matters, because people matter and because relationships matter.