Dress up your cheeseboard with some of our favorite accoutrements.

shubie's chesseboard


WHAT TEMPERATURE SHOULD I SERVE MY CHEESE? Cheese is best served, and should be served, at room temperature for best flavor (you will lose 15% of the flavor of the cheese if it’s served cold!). Take your cheeses out of the fridge and unwrap them 30-60 minutes before serving.
HOW MANY CHEESES SHOULD I GET? We typically suggest three to five. Any fewer and it might look skimpy. But more could overwhelm your guests, their taste buds and have them standing next to the chips and dips!
HOW MUCH SHOULD I SERVE? Typically 1 oz per cheese per person should do the trick. For a party of 8, you would get a minimum of ½ lb of each cheese.
WHAT KIND OF CHEESE SHOULD I GET? Mix it up! Cheese is made in many styles, all over the world, from a variety of milk types (goat, sheep, cow, buffalo). Try highlighting varying styles, textures, appearances and milk types. (Hint: if you’re invited to a party and in charge of the cheese and not sure what other guests might like, it might be best to stick to some basics like brie, gouda and cheddar).
WHAT SHOULD I SERVE MY CHEESES ON? We always like serving cheese on dark slate or wooden boards for a beautiful contrast. Depending on how many cheeses you’re serving, you may want to distrib-ute them among more than one serving board to spread things out.
HOW MANY KNIVES/SPREADERS DO I NEED? Each cheese should have its own knife for serving. Just before guests arrive, we like to cut a few slices to off the bigger blocks to make people less shy about digging in.
BREAD OR CRACKERS? Balance the strength of the cheese with the bread or cracker. A lighter cheese might get lost with a strong flavored cracker, and something pungent might taste better with heart-ier bread. And sometimes you don’t even need a cracker or piece of bread with cheese — enjoy the flavor on its own!
FINAL WORDS ON CURDS… Most importantly, have fun with cheese! Experiment! Start with what you like and know and work from there. Still confused? Call us or come visit us at The Cheese Counter!

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