specialty foods

Specialty Foods

How it all began…

It’s true. That’s how Carol started her career twenty years ago—the specialty foods. That handmade pasta you love so much, or the oil-cured olives you can’t live without, and the best rye bread you will ever eat, is all thanks to Carol. And today, twenty years later, we are still just as particular about what makes it on to our shelves. We’re packed with distinctive and—more importantly—delicious specialty foods from around the world, such as:

  • the country’s best black tea (no, really, it was voted #1)

  • mouth-watering jams from around the country

  • oils from Italy, Spain, France and Greece

  • life-changing vinegars

  • chocolate with sea salt, chocolate with coffee, chocolate that rests for 30 days before it is shipped

  • cookies bigger than scones

  • the crunchiest and tastiest selection of crackers around

  • fudgy, flourless chocolate brownies

  • caramels with sea salt, caramels with scotch, caramels made with goat’s milk

  • ice cream too good to share

We look for it. We live for it.