shubies marketplace local products

The word that has swept the specialty food industry by storm!

WE LOVE LOCAL! It almost seems as if you can buy anything made locally now, which we think is so cool. Craft beer, spirits, cheese, coffee and tea, soda, ice cream, chocolate, cookies, crackers, jams, chutney, pesto, salsa, bread, granola…almost anything! And guess what? We have it all. We are continually seeking out the best local producers around. We buy local because it helps support small business (like us!) and buying local helps build community. Shubie’s shops local so you can, too. And remember: no matter what, it is local somewhere. Have a favorite local product that you think we should carry? Let us know!

Local Products


Vermont Creamery (Vermont)
Westfield Farm (MA)
Blue Ledge Farm (VT)
Shy Brothers Farm (MA)
Great Hill Blue (MA)
Cellars at Jasper Hill (VT)
Cato Corner Farm (CT)
Maplebrook Farm (VT)
Wolf Meadow Farm (MA)
Grafton Farm (VT)
Shelburne Farm (VT)


Rumson’s Rum (bottled in MA)
Grand Ten Distillery (MA)
Bully Boy Distillery (MA)
Thomas Tew Rum (RI)
Privateer (MA)
Powell and Mahoney (MA/VT)
Mocked Up (MA)
Berkshire Mountain Distillers (MA)


Ursa Major Super Natural Skincare (VT)
Food Slabs (MA)
Mariposa (MA)


The Craic and Blonde (MA)
Fudge Everything (MA)
Onesto Foods (MA)
Effie’s Homemade (MA)
Salty Oats (MA)
Ooma Tesoro’s Marinara (MA)
Nica’s Pasta Sauce (RI)
Valicenti Organico (NH)
Alex’s Ugly Sauce (MA)
Shire City Fire Cider (MA)
Marblehead Salt Co (MA)
Atlantic Salt Works (MA)
Stonewall Kitchen (ME)
Fille de Ferme Preserves (MA)
Vermont Peanut Butter Company (VT)
Boston Honey Company (MA)
Taza Chocolate (MA)
Bacci Chocolate (MA)
Lake Champlain Chocolate (VT)
Harbor Sweets (MA)
Spindrift (MA)
McMahon’s Pub Food (MA)
Kaeli-o-Kookies (MA)
Starlight Creative Cookies (MA)
Plum Island Cookies (MA)
Vermont Smoke and Cure (VT)
Bisousweet Confections (MA)
Wicked Whoopies (ME)
Lizzy’s Ice Cream (MA)
Puleo’s Dairy (MA)
Gelato Fiasco (ME)
Revitalive Juices (MA)
Jubali Juices and Smoothies (MA)
Boxford Bakehouse (MA)
Iggy’s Breads of the World (MA)
Nashoba Brook Bakery (MA)
Jessica’s Brick Oven Bakery (MA)
Sunray Bakery (MA)
Stone and Skillet English Muffins (MA)
Emily’s Bakery (MA)