Mornings and me get along pretty well, for the most part. Once that alarm goes off around 5:30 am (and I hit the “snooze” button once or twice), I’m ready to hit the ground running and get going with my day. Breakfast is not really my thing, so I usually forgo “the most important meal of the day” before I leave my house and just take off for the store.

But by the time I do my morning walk-through, say hello to everyone, respond to a few e-mails (approximately 3-4 hours) I start to notice something: my stomach. It needs nourishment. And I need something easy, powerful and satisfying before all of you come for the lunch rush. That’s when I reach for a smoothie.

Whether you make your own or buy your favorite brand, smoothies are quick and easy, can help boost weight and fat loss, are nutrient dense and are a great meal replacement. Notice I said replacement and not snack. You don’t want to have a smoothie necessarily in between breakfast and lunch—they could catch up to you. Like I said, smoothies are nutrient dense, but smoothies can have a fair amount of sugar, too, so it’s important to not only watch what you’re putting in your smoothie, but when you’re having your smoothie.

Our friends over at Jubali make great organic, all-natural smoothies (available at Shubie’s) and say that some key ingredients you should be on the lookout for are hemp seeds (fatty acids), almonds (amino acids), bananas (potassium), ginger (anti-microbial and inflammatory agents) and coconut oil (fatty acids and loads of vitamins). Jubali also says that smoothies will boost your energy, help reduce cravings and improve digestion.

So let’s recap: smoothies are easy, powerful, satisfying, boosts weight/fat loss, nutrient dense, reduce cravings, boosts energy and improves digestion all in one tiny little drink? I’m sold!