BZ Brings the Cabs!

BZ Brings the Cabs
Thursday, December 15, 5p-7p
If you’re willing to brave the bitter cold out there on Thursday, do we have a great treat for you!

BZ will be in store for his last appearance of […]

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3 Spectacular Wines

Raise a (really) nice glass!
We always love recommending great values (aka wines under $20), but this time of year we often get requests for something a little more special. Here are 3 truly special wines […]

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My Favorite Chardonnay

Wednesday, December 7, 4p-7p

Some of you might already know the answer to the question. My favorite Chardonnay? Sure, that’s easy: Ramey Chardonnay.

I don’t tend to gravitate towards a glass of Chardonnay very […]

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24 Hours In Alsace with Dougy

Question: Why do all the ladies love Dougy?

Because he’s always the perfect Gentil-man!

You got me! I obviously don’t really think this is true, but it is pretty funny!

And Famille Hugel holds a special place in […]

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BZ Brings the Stars: Part 3

Friday, September 23
Meet Lia Banville of Banville Wine Merchants

We once did something a little crazy back in September of 2013: we devoted an entire event just to Italian wines. We cleared off the main floor […]

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The God of Cabernet Returns

Robert Foley…2007 Winemaker of the Year…God of Cabernet…Virtually Perfect…however you call it, Robert Foley Wines are superb. We are so honored to have our third visit with Robert this Thursday. BZ will be here, too, so […]

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What George Is Getting For Father’s Day

It’s no secret that I enjoy a nice bottle of wine. In fact, it’s safe to say that I love bringing home a really nice bottle of wine after a long day at the store […]

Not Your Average Joe

The below post is a special note from our good friend Bob “BZ” Zohn. BZ has been our sales rep for United Liquors for the past 30 years. He makes wine fun, approachable and enjoyable. […]

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George’s Grape Moment: If a June night could talk…

Marblehead in June is just a special month. The days start to get a little warmer, the sun sets a little later and even the nights are a little warmer. You can tell that summer […]

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Totally Truchard

BZ Presents:
Totally Truchard
Meet the winemakers!
Tony and Jo Ann Truchard visit Shubie’s!
Saturday, May 21, 1p-4p (free)

One of the greatest winemaking families in all of Napa will be visiting us this Saturday for a truly special tasting […]

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