George’s Grape Moment: A Blast from the Past

Sometimes you jut have to go back to basics. As much as I love highlighting all of our new arrivals (and we have TONS right now), I never get tired of my standard go-to wines. […]

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“Heir” On the Side of Caution

Whenever a winemaker comes to visit the store, I always like to do a little research. Lisa Anselmi, daughter of Roberto Anselmi and heir to the Anselmi estate, is visiting us this Saturday, May 7 […]

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Kate in the Kitchen: One Night in Italy

We’re turning Shubie’s into a restaurant for one night and you’re our guests. Chef Kate Hammond has created a spectacular 3-course dinner and we will provide a wine pairing with each course (please note that […]

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Two Wines That Rock!

Simply put: the two following wines rock. I love them both for their simple, but elegant nature. If you haven’t tried them yet, I strongly encourage you to do so. Would I steer you in […]

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BZ Gets Snarky

We are very excited about our upcoming tasty with BZ this Saturday, April 2 from 1p-5p. He is even bringing us a new friend for all of us to meet: Anne Hay of Snarky and Spirited […]

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Make It Mossback

Ever wonder how we find all the amazing products on our shelves? Trust me, even after doing this for nearly forty years, it’s not always that easy. But thankfully we work with some really talented […]

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The Empire Strikes Back

So my Dougy did pretty well with his John Duval highlight of Plexus. I wouldn’t consider myself a very competitive person, but I also couldn’t let him get away so easily, so I felt the […]

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“That’s Why They Pay Me the Big Bucks!”

I think that every parent has a tagline that they love to rub in their kids face all the time. Growing up, my dad got great pleasure from winning a game of soccer, basketball or […]

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Hoppy Tuesday: New Beers!


Look No Further! We just got a shipment of ultra-crafty specialty beers from around the region. Very limited quantities on all beers, so stop in or call and we will hold you what […]

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Catching Up with Old Friends

I sometimes feel like a kid in a candy store…except the candy store is my store! I’m a pretty lucky guy: I get to do what I love everyday, I’m surrounded by incredible wines and […]

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