Weekend Cooking Project: Nutty Tangerine-Scented Granola

Hi, friends! It’s been a while, I know. But I’m back! Yay!

This year I’m exploring and learning about mindfulness, and as a part of that, having control over what goes into my body. Making sure […]

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George’s Grape Moment: February

Your head might be up in the slopes (despite this weather), but my head has been thinking Spring! I’ve been loading up the shelves with new arrivals in anticipation of warmer weather and longer days […]

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Cajun Mac n Cheese

Who doesn’t love a little mac n cheese…or a lot!? It’s hard to resist that warm, gooey, cheesiness that is oh so comforting. And we’ve decided to kick it up a notch and team up with […]

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Smoothie success!

Mornings and me get along pretty well, for the most part. Once that alarm goes off around 5:30 am (and I hit the “snooze” button once or twice), I’m ready to hit the ground running […]

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Put down the chips and go nuts!

In a time where cutting out processed and GMO filled foods is on the rise, we all need more healthy but delicious options when it comes to grabbing that quick snack to keep us going. […]

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Yes you CAN!

Remember all those times you saw a sign that said NO GLASS ALLOWED? Because I do. Think about it, you and your friends are packed into the car ready for your day: music is going, […]

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Angela Spalding: the Marblehead Preserver

I’ll bet you’ve never had a jam like Angela’s. Seriously. Unless of course you grew up in the country, passing summer mornings picking baskets of fresh berries at the local fruit farm. If you happened […]

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Raise a (really) nice glass!

I always love recommending great values (aka wines under $20), but this time of year I often get requests for something a little more special. Here are 3 truly special wines that are sure to […]

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Favorite North Shore Farmer’s Markets

Nothing says summer quite like a bag over your shoulder filled to the brim with fresh, local, grown with care, picked with love pro­duce, am I right? I savor the oppor­tu­nity to pick up the […]

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Getting Crafty in Somerville

The custom con­crete bar at Slumbrew’s new Boynton Yards American Fresh Brewery and Taproom in Somerville is studded with 192 stars. Each star rep­re­sents one spe­cial person in the “Slumbassador” galaxy who helped Somerville Brewing […]

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