We haven’t had a wine tasting like this in…well…maybe ever! Our LUX Life Wine Tasting featuring the wines of super star importer, LUX, could possibly be our best tasting ever. We have an incredibly line up of 28 wines featuring 7 of Italy’s most prestigious estates. And the best part? It’s FREE to attend!

George and BZ have been planning this tasting for months and have picked out a truly world-class line up. We hope you can join us for what is sure to be memorable evening.

Thursday, March 28

The founding family, leading innovators and benchmark producers of Soave Classico

For over a century, the Pieropan family has revolutionized winemaking in Soave, becoming one of the most acclaimed Italian wine families. Pieropan was the first winery to offer a single-vineyard Soave Classico with the release of Calvarino in 1971, and many credit Pieropan with initiating a renaissance in quality winegrowing in Soave. The family’s persistence in releasing single-vineyard Soave Classicos from select hillsides, in spite of long-held beliefs that Soave is a regional wine, has grown Soave’s acclaim on the world stage. It’s like Andrea Pieropan says, “Because at the end, wine is an emotion.”

The undisputed leader of the Veneto and the top producer of Amarone 

Drawing on more than six generations of Veneto winegrowing tradition and unwavering focus on quality, CEO Marilisa Allegrini carries on the legacy of her father, Giovanni. The Allegrini family upholds a rich historical legacy of excellence while continuing to push quality through innovation. Marilisa believes that there “is always something to discover, to interpret, to see in a new light,” and it appears that these principles have guided her and her family to the top of their industry.

Merging tradition with innovation—revolutionizing Italian white wines

The Jermann story begins back in 1881 when Anton Jermann left the Austrian wine-growing region of Burgenland for Slovenia. He honed his craft there and then put down roots in Fruiuli Venezia Giulia and that is where the legend of Jermann began to grow. Jermann balances tradition and innovation, building the winery’s capabilities with the latest technology, while maintaining an enduring respect for the unique terroir of the region. With each wine, it is clear to see the family’s passion persisting through each generation and the family’s strong bond to the land.

Crafting distinctive wines from the soil of Mt. Etna

Tornatore is all about family. The Tornatore family has been part of the Sicilian landscape since the 17th century. Today, the winery is headed by Giuseppe Tornatore who says, “Our vineyards and our winery are only a few kilometers from our family home. Our entire family is rooted here. We have the greatest respect for this region.” Giuseppe and his family feel that it is their responsibility to reflect the region in their wines. Tornatore’s vineyards are structured to maximize quality and maintain deep links to the territory and local winemaking traditions. 

Poggio al Tesoro
An exciting new adventure in Bolgheri

In 2002, Marilisa Allegrini (of the famed Allegrini winery) embarked on a new Tuscan winegrowing journey with her two brothers. Marilisa has put her mark on the family’s Poggio al Tesoro estate with unwavering thoughtfulness and attention to detail. Since 2003, Marilisa has quickly gained recognition for producing world-class wines by simply doing what her family has done for so many years. 

Five centuries of excellence in Montalcino

Argiano offers all the things we embrace,” says Argiano’s CEO, Bernardino Sani. Since the 16th century, Argiano has produced wines with an unwavering respect for both nature and tradition. Combining the wisdom and experience of five centuries of winemaking with the latest techniques, Argiano wines are born out of a process that spares no detail, while staying true to its storied origins.

Renato Ratti
The iconic visionary of Barolo

When it comes to Barolo, nobody compares to the Ratti family. Pietro Ratti carries on his father’s legacy and exemplifies the power of family tradition. When Pietro was just twenty, his father passed away suddenly, leaving Pietro to take over the winery. Since then, Pietro’s commitment to perfecting his La Morra Barolo has propelled the Ratti family to international acclaim. Pietro believes that “winemaking isn’t a rigid, unchanging practice, but rather an opportunity for creative passion in the pursuit of greatness.”