Simply put: the two following wines rock. I love them both for their simple, but elegant nature. If you haven’t tried them yet, I strongly encourage you to do so. Would I steer you in the wrong direction?

Cheers! George

Origin: Italy
Varietal: Dolcetto
Vintage: 2014
Regular Price: $15.99/btl
This might just be one of my favorite wines in the store. Period.
Ernest Grimaldi founded Giacomo Grimaldi in 1930 and has been passed down through the generations since. Grown in the sandy clay soils with southern exposure, these grapes are handpicked and vinified in stainless steel. The result? A wine packed with ample fruit flavors and an alluring spiciness. 
Piedmont is the most “Frenchified” of all Italian wine regions. The long valleys of the Alpine foothills lead to easier travel to France’s southern coast and inland than to the rest of Italy (perhaps this is why many of the winemakers in the area practice the terroir-based wisdom trickled down from early French masters).
Dolcetto, a work horse grape in the Piedmont, just doesn’t get any better than Grimaldi. Rich and supple, but not heavy at all, with bright lively fruit…it’s like biting into a freshly picked black cherry. Beautiful aromatics and a stunning and soft, velvety texture. A true taste of place with the first sip.

CHATEAU PUECH HAUT ROSÉ  puech haut rose
Origin: France
Varietal: Grenache
Vintage: 2015
Regular Price: $21.99/btl
I never would have thought that a $22 rosé would be our best-selling rosé for 3 years in a row. But it’s true.
Hailing from one of the top estates in the Languedoc region, Puech Haut is a fabulous rosé that’s perfect for the eventual hot summer days ahead of us. Very light pink in color, it gives up fresh, crisp aromas of rose petal, white peach and hints of melon in its medium-bodied, clean, elegant and hard-to-resist personality. The frosted-glass bottle and glass cork make for a truly elegant hostess gift, too.
Plenty of stock available now and for the next few months, but don’t be surprised if we sell out…we always do!