It’s no secret that I enjoy a nice bottle of wine. In fact, it’s safe to say that I love bringing home a really nice bottle of wine after a long day at the store and relaxing for an hour or two.
But Carol is not much of a wine drinker (opposites attract!), so I’m usually stuck in a dilemma: open up that great bottle and enjoy a glass or two and let rest go to waste, or I can wait until one of my sons comes home for a visit. It’s too hard to wait sometimes and now I don’t have to!

Coravin Systems has revolutionized wine drinking around the world. Coravin was the first and only tool in the world to let people access, pour and enjoy wine from a bottle–without pulling the cork. Coravin uses their proprietary technology that protects your wine from oxidation, leaving the cork in place while the wine flows. It’s incredible! I can now open up that bottle I’ve been saving and enjoy a fresh glass for weeks!

I rarely treat myself to new toys or gadgets, but I just couldn’t resist Coravin. And I know that you will love it as much as I do. It’s the ultimate gift for dad!

How it works:
 Pick your bottle!
(Or I can help you pick the bottle, too!)
Quickly press the trigger to clear the needle of oxygen. Push the needle down through the cork, to access the wine.
Tilt the bottle as you would to pour normally. Press and release the trigger to pour the wine. Repeat and enjoy!
(please note that due to our retailer agreement with Coravin, 
we are unable to offer any discounts on any Coravin products)

coravin model 8

coravin model 2

A great option for that wine lover in your life. Savoring wine has never been easier or more fun. Take it from the guy who never buys anything for himself, this changes it all.
The Rolls Royce of wine tools! Pours 20% faster than the original, easier to open and close, easier to replace cartridges and provides an overall better drinking experience.