“What wines should I serve with my
Thanksgiving meal?”
We get that question a lot in the upcoming week. And, to be honest, any wine can go with your Thanksgiving meal!

But some are better than others and that’s where we come in. Check out these six wines that we’ll be sure to be sipping on in the coming week and on the big day!

Our hours for the holiday (next week):

Monday-Wednesday 9a-8p
Thursday CLOSED
Friday 11a-6p


Domaine Cabirau, $16.99/btl
Cabirau has quickly become one of our most popular reds. For good reason, too: the wine rocks!

The medium-bodied French red has intense black fruit notes and is saturated with savory cherry flavors and aromas of mountain herbs. Perfect with turkey or other game birds.

Pragal, $19.99/btl
One of our favorite Fall finds! Pragal will impress your guests and become your go-to hostess gift.

Pragal has an engaging bouquet with hints of red fruit, black cherry and dark spice. Plus warm, round and enticing flavors with a soft, elegant structure. A real knockout at only $20/btl

John Duval Plexus, $34.99/btl
We knew Plexus would be perfect for Turkey Day after our tasting with world-class winemaker, John Duval.

Spicy and intense black fruit on the nose. Plus, the smooth, ample body red has a dark core of concentrated red fruit that is just the perfect compliment for a big feast.


Domaine de Fondreche Ventoux Blanc, $19.99/btl
A luscious (and organic) blend of Roussanne, Grenache Blanc, Clairette and Rolle makes this a no-brainer for Turkey Day!

Incredibly aromatic with bright notes of citrus and white flowers with a sharp minerality. The full-bodied French white is incredibly versatile.

Trabecchetto Pecorino, $14.99/btl
Perfect for some of the apps to start the marathon of eating or some lighter fare. We just found this white to be, well, irresistibly Italian!

Trabocchetto has a wonderful bouquet of white fruit with explosive flavors of pear and apple on the nose with a gentle and refreshing acidity.

Pieropan Soave, Calvarino, $34.99/btl
George tried this elegant white about two weeks ago and just has not stopped talking about it! But, he’s usually right!

The elegant white has a fresh aroma of elder, lemon and cherry. The palate is dry, well-balanced with incredible length. A must try!